Workers Compensation

Connecticut workers’ compensation laws require the employer, usually through its insurance company, to provide medical treatment, “wage replacement” and other benefits for employees who have been injured or have become ill from their jobs.

Benefits are also paid to widows and dependents of workers who die from injuries or illness due to employment. Most workers, including minors, and part time employees are covered regardless of their occupation, the size of the business or the length of their employment. Our workers’ compensation system is designed to be “no fault”, even if the accident was the employee’s fault or if the employee had a previous medical condition, benefits are usually still payable.

If you are injured, you should immediately report the injury to your supervisor and obtain prompt medical care. If your employer has a designated medical facility you must accept that initial treatment. An injured employee should also file a written notice of claim.

Often claims become contested and hearings are required before a workers’ compensation Commissioner who acts as a Judge, seeking to have the disagreement resolved. If there is no resolution, a ruling will be issued at a formal hearing which is similar to a civil court trial.

Our office has extensive experience in handling workers’ compensation claims, primarily representing injured employees. If you are experiencing difficulties obtaining medical care, dealing with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company or obtaining benefits to which you are entitled, our firm can provide prompt and efficient representation.