Real Estate

Real estate transactions involve a number of legal issues, many of which buyers or sellers may never be aware of. Having clear and marketable title is an attorney’s ultimate responsibility in any real estate transaction. When a client buys or sells real property, there is more than just the preparation and signing of documents at a closing. Mortgage lending is highly regulated in Connecticut and throughout the United States, and there are disclosures required to be provided to prospective borrowers upon application for a mortgage loan. Understanding what these disclosures mean, along with one’s legal rights, obligations and responsibilities allows for transactions to progress smoothly.

Having a client’s attorney involved in a real estate transaction from the very beginning helps educate the client as to the procedures to be followed, allows one to identify possible obstacles that may arise and further provides an understanding of the consequences of various deadlines and dates set forth under any mortgage loan document or real estate contract.

Tynan & Iannone’s involvement from the commencement of any transaction provides a seller, purchaser or party refinancing their property with the proper insight and guidance that should not be taken for granted.